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Jazley Trouser: Equipping Youth With Tools To Succeed

By Terry L. Watson | Photos Provided by Jazley Trouser

While the city of Detroit, MI is well known for being an automobile powerhouse and for having a community of resilient and determined citizens, there are some other things happening that are worthy of sharing. Meet Jazley Trouser.

Jazley Trouser, a Detroit native, is the pioneer and organizer begin Life After Care (L.A.C.), a nonprofit organization that focuses on meeting the needs of foster youth by providing fundamental abilities to develop versatile properties and support. Through a 26-week educational program on central life skills, students have significantly improved in financial literacy, character, professional engagement, culinary expressions/well-being/cleanliness, mental care, and social skills. Jazley says, "If a youngster has a rich and varied foundation form varying backgrounds joined with proficient encounters, a kid is knowledgeable in context and capacity."

The vision for Life After Care (L.A.C.) was birthed after Jazley encountered direct holes in the childcare framework. "I committed to utilizing my encounters to execute a program that would everlastingly steer youth improvement. The 'L.A.C.' program was established in 2021 in light of my expert information as a young, trained professional with previous cultivated care encounters. I chose to create a program with volunteers from the local area, a component that helped me thrive as a kid." 

For the most part, Jazley has constructed her life around serving others. Her love and commitment to serving are connected to her upbringing, and L.A.C. gives her a platform to make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

"My insight as a mother and the unconditional love I have for others has permitted me to fulfill the neglected areas many foster youth experience." 

She says, "In the wake of losing my mom to cancer early on, I lived with a drug-dependent father during probably the most crucial seasons of young adolescences. The unbelievable conditions prompted me to experience childhood in the foster care framework. Throughout many transitional years, a village of people who wanted to see me succeed supported me as best they could. I earned an associate's degree in business administration and gained experience in various fields. After having my daughter and recognizing the holes foster care presented me in my upbringing, I knew it was a matter of time before my passion, experience, and will to make an impact would align. My insight as a mother and the unconditional love I have for others has permitted me to fulfill the neglected areas many foster youth experience. My lived and shared encounters have birthed an unquestionable association that separates me from anybody in the field of educating and supporting foster youth. Inside a defective framework, I saw a chance to give others the fundamental abilities I frantically needed while in foster care. Now, I battle for change in how foster youth are considered, educated, supported, acknowledged, and loved." 

Jazley says she loves teaching and pushing for foster youth who need a voice and a stage. She does this utilizing the assets and comprehension of the Detroit community. Through her work, youth are heard, seen, and outfitted with what they need to service and ensure they are not anchored to their conditions and traumas.

Helping others isn't a simple task. To be quite honest, it can be quite challenging. Jazley says that intruding on any framework with change accompanies a couple of knocks here and there. She adds that Life After Care, a 'framework transformer,' is entrusted with distinguishing tricky regions and positively affective all angels. In doing so, her organization is challenged with informing its students and setting a solid foundation for their future. L.A.C. has managed these challenges by remaining focused and standing firm regarding the needs of those it serves.

Moving forward, Jazley desires to continue to build a program that will persevere. "To accomplish this, we must mix the organization with crucial standards of ethics and values. By focusing on integrity in all we do, I am confident our program will flourish while influencing and cultivating youth long into the future," she says.

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