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Advancement & achievement


The Founder:

Our founder Jazley Trouser found the need for Life After Care (LAC) after growing up in the foster care system from a young age. After Jazley lost her mother to cancer and living with a drug addicted father, something always felt missing. After having a daughter, she identified the core developmental principles that were lacking in her upbringing within the foster care system.  


Creating this program based upon her own personal experience in the foster system and realizing it "takes a village" to raise a child. Contemplating, who will be the village for other children?  She decided to design a program that includes volunteers from our community, these are some of the elements that helped her as a child. She realized, if a child has a rich and diverse background from all walks of life and professional experiences a child can realize successful perspectives. 

The Program:

Our objective at L.A.C. is to provide foster youth with the essential life skills necessary to sustain them beyond the foster care system.


Incorporating five foundational pillars 

needed to reach social and personal goals necessary for lifelong success:

  1. Financial Literacy

  2. Character Development 

  3. Career Exploration

  4. Culinary Arts / Health

  5. Cultural Exploration 

Our program is divided into these key modules to enhance lifelong development for youth graduating into adulthood.


This is a 26 - week program divided into our key modules. The days and times are determined by the schedule of the participants. All programs are catered to individuals residing in residential facilities. We work with your facility to meet the needs of the youth onsite. Downland our brochure, here:

The Inspiration:

Jazley found her inspiration for this program by working in the same state foster care system as a youth specialist. She found through her personal and professional experiences she has the expertise to be an advocate for many the youth in foster care.


Being a direct product of this environment, she has seen what works and what does not. Realizing on this journey that she is now able to be to others, what her mentors were to her; a support system to the current youth matriculating through the foster care system.

To hear more about the benefits of our unique program, contact us below to set up a meeting. 


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Help Our Program continue to thrive.

Thank you to our program partners who help to make our program successful:

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